We are only human…

Since coming back off holiday I haven’t been my normal self… I know I haven’t kept up with writing on here and I am sorry but we are only human after all!!

*Vampire Kiss*

I have had a lot of personal things taking up my time… too personal for here, only my close friends know. So I haven’t had alot of time to sit and write, to tell you the truth this is something I do still want to keep going as it is so nice to see how far this has reached and helping those going through very similar things to me. This is all about finding a safe place, it could be you sit and go through on your break when you are just having some ‘me’ time or it can be just somewhere to read to make you feel like you are not alone. Trust me we are not alone there are so many people out there suffering it is not just me and you.

So what have I been up to since coming back from holiday well… I have been going back to the doctors in regards to medication and those who are on tablets for their mental health will understand the frustration that comes along with this. I have been spending a lot of time at home with my family, this is something I did miss while I was away. I missed just being able to sit and watch tele with my dad and not even have to say a word. I actually even missed the checking in phone calls and texts from my protective brother (he is protective in a nice way… not over the top!!)

More than anything since being back I have been working and spending money to make myself feel better and get over those holiday blues! We all have ways to cheer us up and these can vary.

There will be a lot more coming on here in the next coming weeks I have alot in the pipeline. So keep those eyes peeled.

Speak Soon