Ways to have a break

I think this is something everyone can benefit from as at times it can be hard to sit back and actually take a break; especially on those days when work or day-to-day life has become a bit too much. I know there are days when I’ve come home from work and been thinking about a certain task at work over and over again.

So I thought I would give you ways to have a break as we all need to take time for ourselves, this is extremely important for those suffering with mental health.

  1. Listen to music
  2. Take a bath
  3. Learn something new
  4. Read a book
  5. Take deep belly breaths
  6. Meditate
  7. Notice your body
  8. Write a journal
  9. Take a walk outside
  10. Eat a meal in silence
  11. Go for a run
  12. Go on a bike ride
  13. Examine an everyday object with fresh eyes
  14. Colour with crayons
  15. Do some gentle stretches
  16. Paint on a  surface other than paper
  17. Write a quick poem
  18. Turn off all electronics
  19. Drive somewhere new
  20. Make some music
  21. Climb a tree
  22. Read poetry
  23. Let go of something – balloons 
  24. Put on some music and just dance your heart away
  25. Give thanks
  26. Engage in small acts of kindness
  27. Read/watch something funny
  28. Go to the park
  29. Stroke a furry pet
  30. Have a coffee/tea
  31. Forgive someone
  32. Go look at some art
  33. Find a relaxing scent – for me this has got to be Lavender 
  34. Buy some fresh flowers
  35. Call a friend
  36. Sit and take in nature
  37. Write a letter
  38. Watch the stars/clouds
  39. Let out a sigh
  40. Rest your legs up the wall
  41. Listen to a recorded relaxation
  42. Go to somewhere with water – a river, lake, sea
  43. Watch a film
  44. Have a face mask
  45. Knit or crotchet
  46. Paint your nails
  47. Go for a walk into town
  48. Go out and take photos of your surroundings – this will help with really seeing what is around you
  49. Come off social media for an hour – for some of you I can imagine this will be hard
  50. Write down your feelings and really take in how your feeling in that present moment

So I have provided you with 50 ways to take some time for yourself and have a break. Anyone can do these and some may not be for everyone, but is worth at least once a week taking some time for you.


This is highly important for our mental state and helps each and every one of us. I ensure that I take time for myself from time to time this allows me to really take in how I am feeling and can be brilliant for bringing yourself to the current moment. This can help on those times when you are suffering with anxiety/stress. Meditation is a big one for me and do this almost every single night before bed, my favourite app for me is Simple Habit, but there are so many out there such as Headspace.

If we don’t take time for ourselves we start to lose who we are, we all need time to ourselves. I believe when we take time for ourselves we allow ourselves to rejuvenate and refocus our minds. It allows us to clear our minds of stress which can come with day-to-day life; whether that’s family life, work or illness. We would not be able to function to our best ability if we didn’t do this, but I think we are all guilty of forgetting about ourselves.

So I set you a challenge of taking time for yourself once a week to just see if it makes a difference to your wellbeing. Let me know how you get on!

What do you do to take time out for yourself and relax?