Meeting someone new

Recently I went to a bloggers brunch and met someone new through the process. I am not great at meeting new people due to anxiety and rejection. I do have a massive fear of being rejected and this is something which I tend to have a lot of anxiety about.

So when I met someone new it really made me worry what if they don’t like me? What if she thinks I am a little bit ‘crazy’ or ‘odd’. Me and Becki had been speaking on twitter a fair amount and it seemed we had so much in common and started to make me feel a little bit more relaxed about the situation. She is such a lovely person and I was so happy that I had met someone who had so many interests as me.

Me and Becki decided to meet up for a coffee and do some stationary shopping… we both are huge stationary addicts and well you can never have too much stationary. We made these plans a few weeks in advance so the closer the date got the more anxious I became. This was something which was hard for me to come across, I realised I was having to use more of coping strategies. Before I knew it, it was the Saturday morning and everything was running through my head. Things such as not feeling as though I wanted to go and well thinking it is going to be so awkward having nothing to talk about but, I got myself up and just thought I will try to get on with it. You can do this

On the way to Derby City Centre I made sure I listened to some upbeat music to get me in the right head space and it is amazing what music can do for you. I arrived at Intu and I was 30 minutes early and was thinking of anything I could do to try to kill some time. So I headed into some shops and try to keep my mind off the idea of meeting someone I barely knew… it’s hard enough meeting up with someone I know pretty well.

I met Becki at Costa and at first we was both a little bit shy and it was a little bit hard to keep a conversation flowing but before we knew it we was both chatting away talking about all the things we love and we had so much in common it was crazy! We both love the same kind of things and are obsessed with stripes, you can’t beat a good stripy top. We went on a little shopping spree for  a good amount of stationary and other bits and bobs. We ended up shopping for a good 3 hours and the whole time we was just chatting away about all aspects our lives. I have no idea why I was worrying in the first place, Becki is such a welcoming person and so kind-hearted. I am lucky to have met someone so lovely as her and she didn’t see me just for my mental health.

Me and Becki just clicked and it felt like I had known her for years, we are so much alike it is unreal. Well I hope I have made a friend for life as she is such a genuine person and it is so hard across people like this now. If anyone of you that suffer with mental health you will know how hard it is to feel comfortable with people at the best of the times. So for me to feel comfortable after even a couple of hours it is very unusual. I feel so lucky to have met someone so lovely through writing about mental health.

I would highly recommend checking out Becki’s blog as it is brilliant for those who love to travel or even just looking at those beautiful places.

Have you met anyone who just makes you feel welcome from the start?