World Mental Health Day

So for those of you who didn’t know today is World Mental Health Day and I think this is something which we should all embrace and be a part of.

So why is it so important?

Well if you are someone who suffers with mental health then this shouldn’t need any explanation. For those of you who don’t understand well there is a lot that goes into this the most important one I believe is… You are not alone! This is something which a lot of people going through mental health believe. This day helps everyone to see the amount of people suffering and that they are not ‘crazy’ or alone, this is highly important as this can be what causes a lot of people to shut away from the world as they feel as though no-one will/does understand.


This day helps us all to show that mental health doesn’t go away and we all need help in regards to anxiety, depression and mental health in general. Mental health effects hundreds of people each day and this is something which I find really upsetting. For saying how many people it affects it seems there is not enough support and recognition. However if this was a ‘physically seen’ illness we would have a lot more recognition for the illness. So this day is all about spreading the word and providing the support we can to those who need it most.

Thousands of people a year take their own lives in the UK and this is something which should wake us all up and do what we can to help those people suffering. However it seems to be something we shy away from and it is disgusting that as a society we do this.

I try to raise awareness and show people are not on their own while going through my own issues. This seems to be something which a lot of people are wanting to do including singers etc. Logic have created a song which is all about suicide and have named this after a number which people struggling can call. What a brilliant example of the things we can do to help those in need.

Even after the stats which have come to light over the years and with mental health being a more common illness within the work place there still seems to be a stigma and taboo which surrounds the illness. This is something which we all need to work on to stamp out the stigma and by helping to stamp the stigma out will help all of us suffering to not feel so ashamed about.

The problem with society is that we show that we don’t really care about the mental health side of things as this is not a ‘physical’ illness. I just don’t understand how in this day and age this can be the case, we should be able to make a difference to all of the people suffering and we all need to walk with our head held high today and share our experiences on mental health, this could be sharing a picture on social media or just speaking to people on a day-to-day basis about mental health.

There are lots of little things we can to help raise the awareness we need.

Speak soon.