It’s here…

I can’t believe we are in October already and now the golden leaves are falling. I have never been so happy. AUTUMN IS HERE!!


With Autumn being here I can start do all the things I love some of which include;

~ Blankets ~

If you are like me then you love getting toasty and warm under the blankets. I own way too many that’s for sure but there is always an excuse for a new blanket of course! Blankets make sitting watching some TV with a cup of tea more enjoyable thats for sure, I know you will agree me on this.

~ Candles ~

Now now I am sure a lot of you will agree with me on this one. There is nothing like sitting/pottering about at home with a candle burning. It is even better when its a nice autumnal smell like ‘Spiced Orange‘! Candles can make a boring normal night in front of the tv a more relaxing day. The flicker of a candle can help to slow down the mind if you watch the flicking in a dark room… do not put your face close to the flame!

~ Ginger Bread ~

If you already know me you will know how much I love gingerbread and well just ginger in general. Around this time of year all the gingerbread come out to play and it makes me so happy, as I can find them no matter where I am. I even have gingerbread perfume which can be bought from The Library of Fragrance which allows me to be a living gingerbread which is a dream come true.

~ Walking ~

I am not a huge lover of going outside and going for walks but when it comes to the colder months I feel the urge to go on long walks. I think this is all down to the crisp leaves which fall and all the conkers lying around. There is just something so amazing by the golden leaves and the browns… bye-bye green leaves! This is a good way for us to clear our minds and get some thinking done. It’s not very often we all get to do this and I find going for a walk very therapeutic.


~ Hot Drinks ~

Who doesn’t love a good hot drink in the colder months? Well I am a huge coffee and tea lover anyone so when it comes to these colder evenings I am constantly going to get a nice hot brew to keep me warm! For a lot of you I can imagine it is Hot Chocolate but this is not something which I am a fan of… sorry. Go for a walk and have a hot drink I am sure you will love every sip of that cuppa.

~ Family time ~

Now this is something which I love the most as I am a big family person! Spending time with the family allows me to laugh and cry without feeling guilty. Spending time with our loved ones is really important especially when suffering with mental health. They will be able to listen to you and they know you best, so just listen it is not as easy as you think but it will be worth it in the end.

*All my own photos