Weekly Round Up

So I thought I would add in something a little different. I have decided that each week… if I remember, I am going to sum up on my week this will include good and bad days. Photos of what I have been up to and well just a summary of that week in regards to my mental health and everything which has been going on that week.

I hope this is something which you will enjoy and I am looking forward to inviting you into my life a little bit more!


Events of the Day –So Sunday is always a day of rest for me, whether it’s sleeping in or just having some me time. This Sunday consisted of me going to an art show with my friend in the local village, so we decided as it was a nice day we would go for a walk and hang our noses over some beautiful paintings.

Mood – My mood was pretty good, I was positive and think that this is down to not being at work for the next week… Yes for me!! I was pretty positive and felt a lot better than I have done.

Bad moments? – Well every day has its bad moments but this was me feeling a little defeated at how much people have achieved and I see myself still living at home working hard and still not being able to get my own place (I want a mortgage you see, not easy when you are on your own). Also my friend was upset which meant that I felt a little rubbish not being able to cheer her up as much as I wanted.

Good moments? – Well the best moment for me was going for a walk and getting back to my friend’s house to find she had forgotten her keys and her dad had locked her out. We must have spent around 30 minutes to an hour sitting on the front door trying to get hold of her dad so he could let us in. Have to say this was the highlight of the day for me!!


Events of the day – Monday was lovely for me not having to get up early to go to work… so I stayed in bed for most of the morning watching some good old day time television. I then went to my friend’s house to have a cup of tea, I then met up with my nephew and his mum. Took my dad to the doctors… which consisted of sitting outside for over 30 minutes as the doctor asked my dad every question under the sun! I have to say they don’t miss anything when it comes to my dad. 

Mood – My mood was a little bit all over the place to be honest. With feeling positive in the morning to feeling a little defeated by the afternoon… this my normal day really. A lot of anxiety was creeping in thinking about what would happen throughout the day!

Good moments? – Getting to see my nephew as he has grown so much, he is like a little man now. He is 8 years old and soon will be shooting above me, which is going to make me feel a lot smaller than I already do. I got to spend some time with my brother, which was lovely as well you cannot beat some good old family time.

Bad moments? – This would have to be feeling a little bit awkward around my nephews mum… we haven’t seen each other for a number of months, due to her being on holiday, working etc. It took a bit of getting back to the normal us and I never thought we would be like this… so this was a bit of bummer for me to be honest.


Events of the day – Lazy morning… again! I went to meet a friend for a good old catch up and a coffee and then went to my friends for some binging on TV.

Mood – Anxious to say the least. Positive towards the end of the day.

Good moments? – Well this is not a hard one for me! It would be meeting my friend Sam after not seeing his for a number of months. It was so nice to be able to catch up. Me and Sam met when I was in hospital for my mental health and I love meeting up as I don’t have to over think anything as he just gets it. This has to be the best part of my day by far!

Bad moments? – Well this would be to waking up crippled by anxiety worrying about meeting Sam, due to it being such a long time. It all worked out as soon as he arrived but before leaving the house I was a nervous wreck! I just kept thinking he won’t want to speak to me and I will be boring, the normal things we all worry about when you haven’t seen someone in such a long amount of time.

Also it would be going to my friends to binge on TV as I just felt as though I was in the way and this is not normally how I feel when spending time with her. We are normally laughing and joking but I don’t know if this is down to my mind-set or not but I just felt as though I was not wanted…


Events of the day – Early morning sorting things out. Went for a nice autumn walk, nothing better to clear your head. Then went out for dinner with my friend and had a good old curry.

Mood – Positive, as I woke up early on my own accord.

Good moments? – My dad got his license back after nearly 12 months due to medical reasons. I have never been so proud! It was such a lovely moment. I went to an autumn walk on my own and felt my mind clear and free.

Bad moments? – I have to say the only bad moment was not getting anything done as I seemed to want to do everything other than sort things out such as my room etc.


Events of the day – Early start due to a dentist appointment.

Mood – Defeated.

Good moments? – Having a scale and polish at the dentist. I just love the way my feet look when this is done… sad I know. Chilling at home with my dad, I just love doing nothing and when off work I just have to have at least one day like this.

Bad moments? – Waking up late and having to run out of the house so I don’t miss my appointment. Sitting in bed for hours crying my eyes not knowing what to do… yes this is normal for me, I get my self in some right states.


Events of the day – Doctor appointment to review my medication and see what else can be done to make things more manageable.

Mood C-R-A-P, with crying throughout the night it has had a huge impact on my mind-set today!

Good moments? – This would be sitting and watching Judge Ringer… yes this is the highlight of my day. When I am not having a very good day this is the best it gets really!

Bad moments? – Would be sitting around for the doctor for over an hour passed my appointment. I hate waiting and it is even worst when you are surrounded my poorly people and lots of babies. I would also have to say waking up with a splitting headache and swollen eyes.


Events of the day – Going to see my grandma/family. Going to the cinema with my friends.

Mood – Neutral.

Good moments? – This would be going to the cinema with my friend to see the new IT film which was amazing. I do love a good horror film!

Bad moments? – When I was sitting at my grandmas we had a phone call to say a family member had passed away… never something nice to hear!!

I am just going to leave you with the following quote – “It’s OK to not be OK, as long as you don’t stay that way”

*All my own photos

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  1. Absolutely love this, it seems like it could be a really helpful tool for you and for others too. Always here if you need anything. Xx


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