Weekly Round Up!


Events of the Day – Staying in bed most of the morning and going for a cup of tea and a chin wag with my friend.

Mood – Exhausted

Bad moments? – Realising my week off is now over and back to work tomorrow! (So upsetting). I think it has to be that fact that today is also 19 years since my beloved granddad died. Ever had that feeling where you are so tired you feel as though you have been hit by a bus?… Well that is me today!

Good moments? – Good moment would be not having to be woken up by an alarm, nothing beats it! Having a shower and the satisfaction of scrubbing my face with a charcoal activated scrub… if you have not tried one, then you must!


Events of the day – First day back at work and I can’t forget the storm which we all encountered.

Mood – Exhausted

Good moments? – I would have to say seeing my friend at work after a week off. She is my rock and she is always there to listen to me rant and go on about everything. Even when suffering with her own issues. Planning holidays, I have decided I want to live my life a little bit more as life is too short and well I have planned a few weekend getaways for next year!

Bad moments? – Going back into work with the added stresses. I am sure you can all relate to this and sometimes the littlest things can tip you over the edge so I always worry about the return to work after some time off.


Events of the day – hospital appointment to see the psychiatrist. Going out for lunch with the girls from school!

Mood – anxious and scared

Good moments? – coming out my appointment with a plan of action to help me move forward with my mental health. Well so it is a little bit more manageable. Meeting up with the girls and having a good old chin wag! I haven’t seen them in what feels like forever and it is always good to have a catch up.

Bad moments? – sitting at work worrying about my appointment not knowing what to expect as last time they didn’t really do anything to help me. In fact they said come back in 3 months when we have read your notes. Even though I had waited 3 months for an appointment already! So this did not do much for my anxiety and mood that day. My poor friends and family got the brunt of that.


Events of the day – Work, Work, Work!

Mood – positive

Good moments? – I woke up in a good mood for once and this doesn’t happy very often and I think this is to do with the fact that I now have a clear plan in place.

Pay day! I have to say pay-day is always a good moment of the day. Watch the resident evil – final chapter movie

Bad moments? – Having to get out of bed when it’s all dark outside. It makes me want to just stay in bed all day. I am sure you will agree with me on this one. I have to say that one of the other bad moments was seeing how busy I am in regards to Work and my personal life. I seem to be on the go so much and it makes me feel a little bit suffocated at times.


Events of the day – Work and escape rooms with work.

Mood – Positive

Good moments? – Going to the escape rooms and proving to myself that I can do it. My anxiety was pretty high just before we went into the room but I was able to pass this and get on with trying to escape which we did! Even though I did freak out when we escape due to the biggest clown I have ever seen. 100% would recommend doing an escape room if you have any near you.

Bad moments? – Bad moments would have to be the pain I have been getting through my jaw due to grinding my teeth through anxiety… this is not fun and is very painful at times.


Events of the day – Work!

Mood – Tired

Good moments? – Finishing work at 4pm and it being the weekend officially for me!

Bad moments? – Waking up in the morning feeling drained from the events of the night before, there is always a down side when you get anxious. It takes everything away from you and you feel as though you have used every inch of your energy on worrying… why? I wish I didn’t!

Sitting in traffic for 50 minutes to get home when it is a 10 minute drive.. not fun especially when you need the toilet. I have never been in so much pain driving.


Events of the day – Relaxing

Mood – CRAP

Good moments? – Would be not having to leave the house! Burning my Christmas candle … sad I know!

Bad moments? – Well Saturday was not a good day for me mental health wise I spent a lot of the day crying and anxious which is never fun, so I ended up staying at home all day and not leaving the house as this seemed the safest option. These days are never fun and well I hate the fact that I do have these days but they can sometimes do me the world of good in the long run that is. So Saturday consisted of more bad moments than good moments but I was able to have a good cry and let out a lot of feeling which have been bundled up for a while.

How has your week been?

*All my own photos