Round up!


Events of the Day – Chilling and meeting my friend

Mood – Good

Bad moments? – The only bad moment would be having an anxiety attack before bed and not knowing what caused it! No matter what I tried it wouldn’t go away, it took me hours to get the sleep and ended up becoming more and more frustrated

Good moments? – Going to see my friend and have a good old catch up as I hadn’t seen her for a while. Going to her mums and having a nice cuppa.

Getting back in touch with a friend I haven’t seen in over 4 years!


Events of the day – Work and meeting a friend

Mood – Anxious as hell!

Good moments? – Would have to be meeting up with a friend I haven’t seen in so long… I think it is always nice to see someone you lost touch with. It is always brilliant when you just pick up where you left off and lucky enough for me there was no awkward moments!

Bad moments? – Feeling anxious all day and not really knowing why! Feeling as though my whole body was set to vibrate, making me feel more and more sick as the day went on. People starting to notice I was becoming more and more irritated and even snapping at some of those I care about most.


Events of the day – Work and wine!

Mood – Positive

Good moments? – Going to meet my childhood friend for a good catch up and of course a few bottles of wine! I always feel so happy once I’ve had a few drinks down me…. don’t get me wrong this is not a way to deal with my issues but it is nice once in a blue moon. I only drink once or twice every few months!

Bad moments? – Feeling on edge all evening as there was a lot of police in my village, which is very unusual! This automatically put me on alert and of course this ended up putting a downer on my day due to the littlest of things. Oh how anxiety can change your day in a matter of seconds, those who suffer as bad as I do at times will understand this!


Events of the day – Work and seeing my niece.

Mood – A little bit down in the dumps.

Good moments? – Well this isn’t a hard one at all. I would be seeing my gorgeous niece! She was so exited to see me and had me drawing with her, she is one adorable little girl, she is nearly 2 years old and is going to be a hand full when she gets older, she has so much energy its unreal.

Bad moments? – Feeling like I was getting ill. Everyone at work is coming down with coughs and cold and I felt as though it was hitting me! So wasn’t a good day.


Events of the day – Work and PrezzyBox event in Nottingham

Mood – Anxious as hell!

Good moments? – Going to the event even though I felt riddled with anxiety so this was a big thing for me and felt very proud of myself after. The event itself was amazing and had such a good catch up with a old friend Samantha

Bad moments? – Feeling as sick as a dog while at work… I was working myself up for the event the amount of times I sat and said I didn’t want to go because of the anxiety was unreal! I made myself feel really poorly it was unreal!


Events of the day – Work and Chilled evening

Mood – Down… I know this week has been a Debbie Downer week!

Good moments? – Having a early night and going for coffee with my best one.

Bad moments? – Well Friday was not a good day for me! I was extremely anxious again! I felt as though my life was tumbling down, feeling as though no matter what I do it wasn’t good enough… I hate these days. I ended up crying most of the night and I even tried to watch some funny films but they just made me cry more….. I have no idea how that happened!

I felt defeated and everyone was against me, no matter what I did nothing seemed to snap me out of it.


Events of the day – Cinema with a friend

Mood – Poorly.

Good moments? – Meeting up with a close work friend who is going through a bit of a tough time. We just had a laugh and of course it cheered me up… we all have those friends who can do that don’t we? Well I am lucky enough to have Steve as a friend and well he for sure made me feel a lot better and made me realise what I have accomplished over the past few months and well I am proud of myself.

Bad moments? – Waking up and feeling as though my throat was razor blades. It felt as though I was getting ill, not what I want with a busy week next week and well not on my weekend!!

How has your week been?

*All my own photos