Harmful behaviour

After speaking to numerous people about mental health and the way people try to ‘punish’ themselves or release the pain is very interesting and I think there is a lot of harmful behaviour which we do when suffering with mental health that we don’t really realise. So I though this would be a good opportunity to bring this to light and go through as this is something we can all learn from and hopefully start to look after ourselves a little better.

So I am going to start with the most common ones which we are more than likely we are all aware of.


This explains its self if you ask me. however, a lot of people going through mental health will hurt themselves by cutting themselves this could be anywhere on the body and this will leave scars trust me! I know the release this can have when you are suffering so much pain but you need to talk to people and source help, this will not get better and will lead down a more dangerous road, I have been there not so long ago and it is not a nice road to be on.

Punching, slapping, pinching etc

It can be very easy when you are in a very down time in your life to hurt yourself, this could be punching yourself, pinching yourself or slapping. This can feel good at the time but trust me after it will be painful if you have done this hard. It can leave bruises and could also cause some permanent damage if you do this in certain places. You need to look after yourself and if you feel like you need to punch, pinch or slap something get a pillow or a teddy or something do not to this to yourself or anyone else.


Well I can imagine by now you know where this is going. When we are suffering with mental health we can see that the only way out is to die and well I can tell you now this isn’t the way out, you need to fight through this with the support of the GP’s, doctors and well family and friends. This has helped me and you do not want to be reaching for the medicine cabinet as a lot of the time it won’t work and you will just be in so much pain you will be wanting it to be over and even thinking ‘Why did I do this?’. Only take medication in the recommend amounts and if the doctor has advised you to take this.

Smoking, drinking/drugs

Well this is the route a lot of people go down. Going out with friends having a good time and drinking the pain away. People seeing you having a good time, well this is far from the truth you will be drowning your sorrows with vodka or what ever tickles your fancy. Let me tell you this does not end well before you know it this will be your coping mechanism and this is not healthy. If you see yourself going this way you need to seek out help. Smoking more can be a coping mechanism too and don’t let these things take control as you may be surprise what you can do without these.

Unprotected sex 

This might sound like a bit of an odd one, I know. Going out and having unprotected sex with people you don’t know or have no interest in actually being with can be a sign of self-harm. As you are not taking care of your body, you most certainly are not looking after yourself. Who knows what could happen and well I really do think that you need to ensure that you do look out for yourself at all times. If you are going to meet someone and you do have a bit of a fumble then make sure you use protection. If you have done this then I would recommend going to the doctors to get yourself checked out for any STI’s etc.

Extremely hot/cold showers

I can here you all now.. this isn’t a harmful behaviour. Well actually this is actually a form of self harm as you are either putting your body through extremely cold temperatures or extremely hot and this is not good for you, especially if you are already delegate which a lot of the time your body will be run down due to all the stress and pain it is going through. You wouldn’t put yourself through any of this if it was just a ‘normal’ physical illness would you… didn’t think so!

Over-eating or under-eating 

This is something we can all be guilty of at time to time, some worse than others. I think this is one which we need to really keep an eye out with our loved ones as the damage can be very dangerous. If you have any reason to think a loved one is doing this, please seek out medical help.

These are some of the most common types of harmful behaviour and think this is something which we all need to be aware of, as sometimes we don’t realise we are doing these. I can say I have been victim to a lot of these and well it is not nice to see the scars and damage which has been caused as result. We need to make it known what the dangerous of these are and well provide the support needed. Please help those who need you and provide the support! I really want to make take away the stigma that surround this and need you help to make this happen!

Have you been victim to any of these harmful behaviours?

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