If you didn’t already know I am huge lover of stationary and have been so many years now and my collection forever growing… can never have too much. I have a bit of an obsession I will find any excuse for new notepads or pens and some I never use as they are just too damn nice! This time I decided to order myself a new pen set, and I am just in love.

I have got to say I have so many pens at home/work I think I could open my own stationary shop. I am just completely in love with all the different patterns and finding a pen which is nice to write with is just a dream! Those of you who love stationary will understand this feeling As much as I love sitting at home on my computer typing away, nothing can compare to the feel of pen against paper. I just love writing in my diary and writing letters to friends and family.

I recently came across the below stationary brand Bran.dō and I have to say the pens are the best I have ever had!  I have never been so excited over packaging and the pens themselves. I could’t wait to get them out and give them a try! I love these pretty pens, they make me smile just looking at them, and I have to say these are one of my all time favourite pens to write with that’s for sure! They glide smoothly over the paper and write in Black.

To make these even cuter on the back of the packaging it says ‘Write on! You just bought the cutest pen set in town.’ I have never agreed with a quote so much on packaging, it made me just beam with happiness. I have purchased some more already I just can’t get enough.

Have you bought anything recently which you have fell in love with? Do you recommend any stationary sites?

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*All Photos are my own