Give credit, where credit is due

You deserve more credit than you give yourself!

The way we live our lives has changed over the past 10 years with the introduction of social media. While going through the many feeds of social media, speaking to friends and family it can lead you to feeling inadequate. Everyone seems to have an achievement or something good happening in their lives, whether that’s a new job, getting engaged, having a baby or a promotion at work.

It may be that these are fronts which are being put out to the world but it does have an impact on us. I know it does me from time to time and even makes me want to delete all those social media accounts and hide away from the world. The created success of others leads us feeling defeated and reflecting negatively on ourselves.


For most of us with mental health issues we are in survival mode trying to make it through the day. I use every ounce of energy I have to get out of bed, go to work and do my job! I never have enough energy left over to do anything else like go to the gym, go for a run or make time to meet someone new. For some of us it is just a case of trying to make it through each day and survive.


Yes, we do have achievements just like everyone else but these can look different in the eyes of others. There is a lot that be a challenge for thos suffering with mental health and well some days getting out of bed is an achievement in itself. I know it can be a hard test when I am feeling fatigue and not wanting to face the ‘perfect‘ world, people staring at me and thinking ‘Oh there she is, crazy girl!’. Getting out of bed is an achievement and even though it seems like a basic task to Joe Bloggs this is something which I am hugely proud of.


Some of my examples of my successes are;

  • Going to sleep at a reasonable hour – actually being able to fall asleep that is!
  • Learning to say ‘no’ to someone and do something for yourself.
  • Dragging myself to see the GP when I am feeling lower than ever knowing that I don’t want to speak about my feelings to some stranger.
  • Showing up to work.
  • Taking my medication every day without fail.
  • Not having to force myself to have a shower.

An achievement is simply doing what’s best for you. It’s continuing to stay alive, whatever is thrown our way and look after ourselves. It is all about self-care!

Do not compare yourself to others, you don’t know their story!

*All my own photos